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Graphic Design - Promotion

View our portfolio of promotional material below...
Product brochures.

A range of double sided A4 and foldout A4 brochures to cover a family of residential hydronic heating appliances. 

20 page booklet.

Design of a 20 page booklet which covers the history of the company and all of its services in manufacturing and sales of locally built heating and cooling appliances. 

Folded Brochures.

Variety of different A4 and DL sized brochures to suit the clients needs.


24 page company profile and 24 page Lookbook for Spring/Summer collection prepared with images and photos supplied.

Magazine Advertisement.

Full colour, A4 double page spread. Required 3D modelling of window corner details, rendering and image manipulation.

A4 Flyers.

Full colour, A4 sized, double sided brochures. Created with photos supplied by the manufacturer or digital photography done in-house by Design Reality.

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